Wildlife photography in Africa is so intense. East Africa alone offers unlimited opportunities for wildlife photographers. It is all that you might be looking for.

What can actually turn into a nightmare when you are in the middle of your dream paradise is lack of selecting the right equipment. Wild Extracts Safaris team fully understands how inconvenient and time wasting it can be and that's why we will advice on how equipped you need to be for ultimate experience while on safari.


Think of this....

  • The Masai Mara in Kenya plays host to the annual Great Migration so it’s an opportunity to see well over a million wildebeest in Africa's savanna plains.
  • Serrengeti in Tanzania is home to wildebeests and countless big cats! But covers over 10, 000 sq. Miles
  • Bwindi in Uganda has a forest that is home to Mountain gorillas.

So what would you need to capture all these moments?

The open and uncluttered landscape allows a fantastic photographic moments and a range of experiences with wildlife vs. your camera.

Wider lenses works great greatly in some destinations such as Amboseli where you will be looking at the amazing scenic views of Mount Kilimanjaro on the background of your frame, Lake Nakuru National Park where you would like to capture hundreds dozens of flamingos spread in their paradise. The landscapes in the Mara are fantastic and when you spend time watching wildebeest cross the Mara River, you will want to capture the drama as a whole. It is always handy with a range of 14 – 70mm.

A medium zoom telephoto lens, talk of a range of 70 – 300mm is essential for capturing animals within their landscape at a glance....

Telephoto lenses choices here are wide open. Ideal range would be 400 – 600mm. Though, anything to do with a 300mm to an 800mm lens will work greatly. Fixed and zoomed telephoto lenses, we recommend a range of 400mm – 600mm.

For night photography/astrophotogaphy, wide angle lenses within the range of 14 – 35mm are perfect and remember you need sturdy tripods and filters so carry them!

70 – 200mm are also useful, if you have it is handy.