Wildebeest migration is 365 days a year - Only location is unpredictable

The Great Wildebeests Migration is with no doubt one of the most spectacular wildlife phenomenon in nature. Over the years, for 365 days, about 2 million animals - Wildebeests, Zebras among other few antelopes cross great plains of the Serengeti - Masai Mara Ecosystem in search of pastures. Along the way they come across many dangers that risks their fragile lives - Hundreds of predators’ territories, rugged terrains with rivers accommodating the ever-hungry crocodiles and many more! This natural event forms one of the greatest and most dynamic food chains ever experience in nature occurrence.

The great wildebeests migration, however, has for the longest time been perceived to be seasonal to a certain period of the year making it difficult for everyone who has this safari in the bucket list almost impossible. The good news is that you can now be able to catch up with migration at any time of the year - wildebeest migration is 365 days a year. We have partnered with Great Migration Camps operating in Serengeti National Park and its neighboring conservation areas. This is the real revolution of how migration safaris are looked at! We literally move with the migration herds enabling you get what it is all about this magical event!

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Best Seasons:All year
Popular Location:Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve
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