Our Travel Services

Wild Extracts Wildlife Photography and Safaris operates right at the ground level of the accommodation facilities, transport partners and all the other travel tools; giving us a good base to sample the most suitable and bargain for your affordability. With our dedicated and qualified team, we are able to help you plan your holiday by advising you on the best. We give recommendations and advice on the best DESTINATIONS, TIMINGS and FACILITIES in the region to enable you get the best wildlife experience.

Accommodation & Tickets Bookings

It is our duty to offer assistance of any kind within our reach to all of your travelling needs. We know how difficult it can be get the best accommodations or get the best airline in a destination where you have never been. At Wild Extracts Travel desk, we give free consultation and thereafter help you book your preferred facility according to your specifications. It is one guaranteed way you will never regret after your trip. Be it business travel or adventure travel, talk to us and we will get back to you wild clean hotel vouchers and/or ticket!

Flexibility of Your Travel Needs

Travel Anytime of the Year; No Set Dates!

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